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Help pastors in crisis find new hope!

You're gift can change the life of a ministry family and the churches they serve.

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Join the Team!

It takes a team to pull a pastor out of burnout, depression, or ministry fatigue. When I went through burnout several years ago, I needed five key relationships to help me recover - a mentor, a ministry coach, a spiritual director, a counselor, and a close friend. You can read about some of these relationships in How I Climbed Out of Burnout. Now through my ministry with PIR and in my writing for The Pastor's Soul, I am able to provide this type of relationship for other pastors. Your monthly financial support makes this ministry possible.

Many pastors, especially those in small or independent churches, can't afford to pay for help and sometimes it's hard for a pastor to admit to his denomination that he needs help. Your gift allows me to help these pastors without creating the additional stress of financial burden. You provide the financial anchor that gives me the freedom to wade into the deep waters of ministry pain. With God's strength, We can partner to pull these pastors out of crisis!

When a pastor heals from burnout, the new health he's gained becomes a blessing to the church. One healthy pastor has the potential to bless hundreds or thousands of people. Your investment can produce a Kingdom return that is immeasurable!

Thank you for your prayers and monthly support. Together we will bring healing to pastors, their families, and their churches. May God bless you for your partnership in this ministry.